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A plumber who owns a very cool machine that generates artificial smoke can quickly discover sewer gas leaks. The smoke is simply visual and does not create a lasting odor nor does it stain any surfaces in a house. The plumber connects the smoke generation machine to the plumbing drain system and then blocks off the drain pipe leading to the sewer and caps off all roof vent pipes.
Once the smoke machine starts, it begins to slightly pressurize the plumbing system. If there is a cracked pipe or a fitting joint that is loose, the smoke readily exits at that point before it would bubble up through a fixture trap filled with water. Usually the source of the sewer gas leak can be discovered in less than one hour.
Always Better Service has just such a machine and it works!! No matter how small the "leak", smoke will escape from that location and it is visual. No questions, no guessing. If you feel you are experiencing, unexplained, sewer gas odor, contact us about making corrections.